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  • Activating this trainer:
    Press F1 at main menu.
    Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
    Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.
    Trainer Options:
    NumPad1: Invincible
    NumPad2: Unlimited Sprint
    NumPad3: Set Time To Day
    NumPad4: Set Time To Night
    NumPad5: Set Time To Aurora
    NumPad6: Set Weather To Clear
    NumPad7: Spawn Item (from +350 Items)
    NumPad8: Unlimited Weight
    NumPad9: Unlock All Feats
    NumPad0: All Skills Mastered
    NumPad/: Cure Affliction
    NumPad*: Fly Mode
    NumPad-: Reset Cold
    NumPad+: Reset Condition
    NumPad.: Reset Hunger
    Page UP: Reset Fatigue
    Page Down: Reset Thirst
    Insert: Infinite Durability
    Home: Reveal Map
    End: Unlock All Achievements
    CTRL+NumPad1: Super Speed
    CTRL+NumPad2: Free Crafting
    CTRL+NumPad3: Super Accuracy


Set Weather To Clear: It may takes up to a minute for the weather to change.

Fly Mode: Press SPACE key to exit fly mode.

Spawn Item: Press hotkey to spawn an item. A messagebox opens (so make sure you alt tab to the trainer) where you can select the item to spawn via drop down list. A second messagebox asks for the quantity.

Unlimited Weight: While active you can carry unlimited items. This may reset at some points so just re-enable it in such a case.

Unlock All Feats: Press hotkey and all feats are unlocked.

Reveal Map: Open your map first then press hotkey and the map is revealed. If the map remains black you haven’t used a charcoal before. You can spawn one with the Spawn Item cheat and equip & use it.

Unlock All Achievements: Press hotkey and you get all steam achievements for this game.

Cure Affliction: Press hotkey and a messagebox opens (so make sure you alt tab to the trainer). You can cure any afflictions but selected them in the messagebox list and press the ‘Cure selected affliction’ button. Please note that you should only cure the afflictions you really have otherwise it may happen that you get overlays ingame which will not disappear.

Free Crafting: While active you can craft any blueprint everywhere for free.

Super Accuracy: While active your aim is steady with bow or gun.